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  • http://www.aalstec.com/
    Aalstec Data Corp - provides complete EDI integration. Custom EDI software, pull systems, and more.
  • http://www.dannet.dk/
    Dan Net - a supplier of electronic commerce, EDI, and a data clearing house for mobile operators.
  • http://ediglobal.com/
    Diversified Systems Resource - trading partner translation and mapping.
  • http://www.dnsww.com/
    DNS Worldwide - international provider of Electronic Data Interchange and other EDI resources on the internet.
  • http://www.edi-bridge.com/
    EDI Bridge, Inc. - an integrated EDI solution. It functions as an add-on module to a standard accounting package.
  • http://www.ediconnection.com/
    EDI Connection, The - offers a service bureau for manufacturers to implement EDI with their retail trading partners.
  • http://www.edi-service.com/
    EDI Service Bureau, Inc. - receiving, translation and transmission for companies trading with large retail companies.
  • http://www.edicom.se/
    EdiCom AB - supplier of products for EDI/electronic commerce. In Swedish and English.
  • http://www.edidev.com/
    EDIdEv Inc. - sells product to translate and generate EDI files using development tools that can interface with ActiveX controls.
  • http://www.edifecs.com/content/home/default.asp
    Edifecs Commerce - provides tools that help companies implement and streamline EDI and EC within their organization.
  • http://www.energyservicesgroup.net/
    Energy Services Group - providing EDI and billing services.
  • http://www.extol.com/
    ExtoL Incorporated - delivering high performance / high functionality EDI and Electronic Commerce solutions which define the current state of the art for the AS/400 and other midrange platforms.
  • http://www.ezedi.com/
    EZ EDI - EDI-integrated applications for the retail industry. Shareware EDI purchase order (850) receiving system. QR and VMI solutions.
  • http://www.foresight-edi.com/
    FORESIGHT Corporation - provides software for guidelines preparation, rapid implementation, standards migration, testing, documentation, and form-based web EDI from guidelines.
  • http://fox.nstn.ca/~cottier/ibs.html
    Innovation Business Services - helping orgs to understand, implement and maintain CALS (Continuous Aquisition and Life Cycle Support), EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and ISO 9000.
  • http://fox.nstn.ca/~gkerr/index.html
    Katydid Information SystemS Inc - comprehensize EDI integration tools and assistance. We also design & implement integrated, multi location business systems for manufacturers & distributors.
  • http://www.kissingerassoc.com/
    Kissinger Associates, Inc. - contains a wealth of information about electronic data interchange solutions and services for M.A.S 90 resellers and end users.
  • http://www.mcanaedi.com/
    McANA EDI, Inc. - offering e-commerce solutions including application integration and support, EDI set-up, and training.
  • http://www.mede.com/
    Mede America Corporation Home Page - provides electronic data interchange products and services to providers and payors in the healthcare industry, processing over 900 thousand transactions per day for 65 thousand providers nationwide.
  • http://www.pbbgroup.com/
    PBB Global Logistics Services.
  • http://www.primefactors.com/
    Prime Factors, Inc - provides software to support X12.58 and X12.42 security standards as well as general DES encryption and X9.9 authentication for other types of file transfers.
  • http://www.pubnet.org/
    Pubnet - electronic commerce solutions for the publishing industry.
  • http://www.rnetedi.com/
    R-Net EDI Corporation - delivers e-commerce solutions to retailers and vendors of all sizes.
  • http://www.radley.com/
    Radley Corporation.
  • http://www.simplix.com/
    Simplix - register and start bidding today on government products and services.
  • http://www.softshare.com/
    Softshare Information Services - electronic commerce network service provider including EDI translation/communications software.
  • http://www.sdgi.com/
    Software Design Group, Inc - Assisting companies with all Electronic Commerce needs from EDI to Internet. Assisting companies with JIT to Quick response programs. Working with X12 and EDIFACT.

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