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Tools for Virtual Shop
On-Line Auctions

Tools for Virtual Shop
On-Line Auctions
  • http://www.bluesquirrel.com/products/asp/asp.html
    With A$P Charge your customers can purchase quickly and efficiently from the World Wide Web. You can instantly verify their credit card and present them a printable receipt with an order number. There is no human intervention required on your part. The money is immediately transferred to your bank account. It will also work with MS Access, Visual Basic, Excel and more. Requires either ICVerify, Epoch Systems or CyberSource.
  • http://www.advancemeants.com/draft/
    An Internet e-commerce check acceptance bank draft application that allows you to import Internet web site forms saving you the task of typing the information in manually. Allows you to draft bank accounts for online orders as an alternative to credit cards.
  • http://www.impulsesoftware.com/
    Can create a fully functional, secure, e-commerce web site quickly and easily.
  • http://www.pay2see.com/
    Sell your digital content on the Internet with instant delivery 365 days a year 24 hours a day. No special skills, equipment or start-up charge are needed nor is merchant status needed with banks.
  • http://www.qwallet.com/
    A small, quick application that provides you with instant access to credit card numbers, site logins and passwords and frequent flyer numbers. When you need to use a credit card, just click on the icon in the system tray and drag and drop your credit card number and expiration date directly onto a web page. Password encryption is disabled in the evaluation version.
  • http://www.addsoft.net/StoreBot/
    A complete shopping cart system with web-based store management. Runs on most Web Hosting NT Servers. Integrated with Microsoft ASP, DLL, ACCESS database and FrontPage. Take five minutes to insert three WebBots: StoreFront, Manage, Invoice and your web site is e-commerce ready. Works on any version of Navigator or IE.
  • http://softwaresolutions.net/404.htm
    The Virtual Check Solution package can enable you to accept virtual checks immediately. For Word 6.0 or higher.
  • http://www.trellian.com/classify/
    An automated submission wizard for classified ads. It contains a database of over 1300 classified sites. Submit your ad to up to 350 free internet classified sites within minutes. The program is tab styled, looks neat and functions smoothly. It automatically submits your ad to the most appropriate category on each site and creates a detailed report for your reference.
  • http://www.signposter.com/
    Will automatically create meta tags for your website. By including meta tags in your webpages, search engines are more likely to give your site a higher ranking and therefore increase the number of visitors to your site.
  • http://www.trellian.com/swolf/
    With over 300 million web pages on the Internet your site should be listed with as many search engines and directories as possible. It has a database of over 2400 search engines and link directories where you can promote your URLs. Submission to over 1200 sites is fully automated: enter the site details, select desired categories and select which list to include, then press the Submit button.
  • http://www.kburra.com/cpal.html
    Internet cookie management system that allows you to automatically accept and reject cookies from Web sites.
  • http://www.4developers.com/ct/
    Protect your privacy by deleting cookie files that are stored on your hard drive when you browse the Web.
  • http://www.cookiecentral.com/
    Utility which deletes all of the browser cookies on your hard drive.
  • http://www.flowerfire.com/sawmill/
    Web traffic analysis tool.sakis
  • http://www.infohiway.com/adcafe/
    Ad Cafe by Infohiway allows Web publishers to effectively publish, target, track, and manage advertising on a Web Site. There is no ÇTML or no code necessary, Ad Cafe has a user interface that will work with any Web browser.
  • http://www.adforce.com
    AdForce is a provider of centralized, outsourced ad management and delivery services on the Internet, enabling online publishers, rep firms, and Internet advertisers to leverage the Internet as the first fully interactive medium.
  • http://www.adjuggler.com
    Ad Juggler by digital NATION is a commercial-strength tool that gives publishers a full range of powerful management capabilities to ensure complete control of advertising action on a Web site.
  • http://www.adknowledge.com
    AdKnowledge bills its system as an end-to-end Web advertising management system. The system is built around a Web-based interface and consists of five integrated modules: Planner, Campaign Manager, SmartBanner, Reporter, and Advisor.
  • http://www.addme.com/
    Á free service that lets you submit your website to the 30 most popular search engines and directories on the web. Add Me! also publishes the rapidly growing Add Me! Newsletter, already one of the largest newsletter available providing free tips and ideas to better promote your website and business on the web. Over 300,000 webmasters and business owners are reading it every week.
  • http://www.radiation.com
    Adbar AMS relies on server side includes to call the scripts that place and track banner bars. A short piece of code is inserted into the pages where you would like banners displayed.
  • http://www.atg.com/products/dcs/ad_station.html
    An advertising management solutions with powerful enhancements designed specifically for behavior tracking, profiling, and enhanced media ad delivery on large-scale sites and across distributed networks.
  • http://www.bannerexchange2.com
    Banner Exchange2 is software that allows you to run a banner exchange. It features multi-page code and does not use cookies.
  • http://www.getcruising.com/crypt/banmat.html
    Bannermatic is a free CGI script that will operate a rotating banner ad system on a Web site. There are three versions, each using a different method to identify and display banners.
  • http://CentralAd.com/
    Affordable, feature-rich ad management solution used to rotate and schedule advertising throughout the site.
  • http://www.sklar.com/dad/full-paper.html
    DAD is a free, open-source, customizable, and portable mod_perl application with advanced targeting capabilities, a comprehensive administrative interface, and automatic client reporting.
  • http://www.doubleclick.net
    DART is the ad serving technology that performs the targeting, reporting, and inventory management for the sites in the DoubleClick Network.
  • http://news.cnet.com/news/0-1003-200-321325.html?st.ne.fd.mdh
    A targeted for use in Internet ad banners to jazz up static banners by streaming audio, video, or animation to grab the attention of Web surfers. The new client software is a small Java applet that downloads with a Web page, so viewers don't have to download a browser plug-in or a helper application to see a multimedia banner.
  • http://www.mediaplex.com
    Mediaplex works with leading advertisers and agencies to manage targeted online marketing programs.
  • http://www.metabyte.com/
    An integrated marketing service that controls Internet advertising campaigns from ad and e-mail serving to targeting and performance tracking.
  • http://www.solbright.com/
    Solbright provides solutions to automate the workflows involved with Internet advertising.
  • http://www.spinbox.com
    SpinBox is a plug and play technology that automates World Wide Web content rotation, targeting, and management in a plug-and-play system.
  • http://awsd.com/scripts/
    WebAdverts is a comprehensive system for maintaining a set of rotating banner ads on your site or for setting up a banner exchange between sites.
  • http://www.everysoft.com/auction/

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