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Internet Economics

Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances

Network Economics

Network Externalities

Network Services Pricing

Privacy, Citizen Protection

Regulation and Competition in Telecommunications

Rural Development


Internet Economics



·         B240 Electronic Commerce Session #1


·         Bruce, Stephen. Why Participate in GIWM?. Syntegra Information Industry Initiative


·         Chuang, John. Internet Economics. UC Berkeley  School of Information Management & Systems.


·         Clarke, Roger. INFS3410 – I.T. in Electronic Commerce E-Trading4. ‘B2C’. Xamax Consultancy, Canberra and Visiting Fellow, A.N.U. D.C.S.


·         Davison, Robert, Ronnie Shroff and John Coombes. IS4838 Fundamentals of Electronic Commerce


·         Disney Dolphin, Walt, Arthur Middleton Hughes. Marketing Strategies, Customer Loyalty & The Web. National Center for Database Marketing Orlando Sunday Dec 3 2000


·         Economics, Global, and Other Issues in Electronic Commerce


·         Enterprise Process Analysis: Lecture 2 Strategy Reading


·         Fox, Armando. Introduction Internet Services CS 241 Internet Services


·         Kavassalis, Petros. Business economics and strategy: Unit 2: Markets, technologies and business.


·         Sim, Ida. Informatics for Clinical Research. January 23, 2001.


·         Shamos, Michael I. .  eCommerce Technology. Lecture 1: Technology Overview Summer 2000.


·         Sturges, David L.. E-commerce: The borderless marketplace. c.2000


·         Taylor, John B.. Ideas for the Economic Lecture. Stanford University




Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances


·         Baker, Deborah. Business Marketing: Chapter 5. Texas Christian University.


·         Boardman, Anthony. Strategic Management – 3: Growth Strategies.


·         Boonzaler, James. 2001: A Review “A Year in a Life”. Wellington, 19 March 2002.


·         Chapter 9 : Cooperative Strategy


·         Choosing new business development strategies: Internal development and/or external sourcing mechanisms?


·         Cutting Edge Issues in the High-Tech Arena: Structuring the Deal and Avoiding Antitrust Roadblocks.


·         Cutting Edge Issues in the High-Tech Arena: Structuring the Deal and Avoiding Antitrust Roadblocks (LA Presentation).


·         Dionco Inc. Building Strategic Alliances: Philips Asia Connection. Bangkok, Thailand,  April 2002.


·         Enterprise Corporation of the Delta. Emerging Markets Partnership and Workforce Development. November 14, 2001.


·         Entry Modes: Week 3.


·         Gallant, Nicole. Strategic Alliances 2000: Winners, Innovators and the Next Generation. IDC International Data Corporation.


·         Geuna, Aldo. Between Market and Hierarchy: Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures.


·         Ginns, Stephen. Distribution Management: Week 11 – Strategic Alliances. Anglia Polytechnic University, 2001.


·         Hall, Richard. Entry Strategy and Strategic Alliances: Chapter 14.


·         Harrigan, Kathryn Rudie and Henry R. Kravis. Virtual Firms: Strategic Alliances in New Economy Industries. Columbia University, Columbia Business School.


·         Hughes, Kari. Strategic Alliances. April 23, 2001.


·         Kassel, Amelia. Who Plays on the Information Team?. MarketingBase.


·         Kaufmann, Jeffrey. Cooperative Strategies. Spring 2002.


·         Kelly, Micheál J.. Corporate Venture Capital and High Technology Start-ups. Hong Kong: TechWorld, 2001.


·         Learning Objectives: Chapter 8. Marketing Strategy: Strategies, Positioning, and Marketing Objectives.


·         Menter, Ruth. The Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Strategic Alliances. Macdonald Consulting Group. Atlanta, GA.


·         Phillips, Nelson. Lecture 6: Strategy in the Global Environment. Judge Institute of Management.


·         Schade, Eberhard. Demystifying Partnering with Corporate Partners. Hewlett-Packard.


·         SRI International. Light Industry & Agro-Industry.


·         Strategic Alliances


·         The Role of Strategic Alliances in High-Technology in New Product Development.


·         Types of Strategic Alliances


·         Vertical Integration, Diversification, and Strategic Alliances


·         Veugelers, R.. Global cooperation: a profile of alliances. Cooperate to succeed?


·         Zhou Company. Strategies for analysing and entering foreign markets (Chapter 11) International strategic alliances (Chapter 12).



Network Economics


·         Braunstein, Yale. Introduction to User Studies. November 1999.




·         Cisco. Internet Economics perspective on Accounting & Billing. NGI Middleware Workshop. Cisco Systems, Dec, 1998.


·         Finch, John H.. Economics of Innovation (EC3014): Lecture 1 Introduction. Department of Economics, University of Aberdeen, 26th September 2001.


·         Finch, John H.. Economics of Innovation (EC3014): Lecture 9, Applications of Evolutionary Thinking, Path-dependence & Lock-in. Department of Economics, University of Aberdden, 2001.


·         Fortino, Andres. TECM 720 Analysis of IT Industries. School of Management, George Mason University, Spring 2001.


·         Goffe, Bill, George Greenwade and Bob Parks. What’s on the Internet for Economists: An Update, 2001.


·         Katz, Randy H. Berkeley-Helsinki Summer Course Lecture #1: Course Overview. Computer Science Division, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, University of California.


·         Lang, Jack, Tim King, Nicholas Bohm. E-Commerce. And  E-Commerce 2


·         Messerschmitt, David G. and Hal R. Varian. Strategic Computing and Communications  Technology. Spring 1999.


·         MGT371: Introduction to PBIS Session six: Changing Computer Industry.


·         MT150 Dynamics of Change: Impacts of Technology. Session Nineteen. November 8, 2001.


·         MT150 Dynamics of Change: Impacts of Technology. Session Nineteen. November 5, 2001.


·         Prevezer, Martha. Economics of the Firm.


·         Shamos, Michael I.. Lecture 1: eCommerce Technology Overview 20-751.  Ecommerce Technology, Summer 2002.


·         Swann, Peter. Micro-Economics. Manchester  Business  School, October-November 2000.



Privacy, Citizen Protection


·         Heyink, Mark. Intellectual Property And The Internet. 17 October 2001.


·         Managing e-Commerce: Lecture 11.


·         Public Policy: From Legal Issues to Privacy.


·         The Invasion of Privacy



Network Services Pricing



·         Collegis.  Support Capabilities. May 16, 2001.


·         Danielsen, Fred. Cisco’s XSP Strategy in EMEA”. Cisco European Analyst Event 2001 Fast Forward 2001. Cisco Systems, Inc., 2001.


·         Davis, Andrew W.. Service Providers & Network Strategies. Wainhouse Research, LLC.


·         “Federal Wireless Telecommunications Services (FWTS)”. FTS Network Services Conference, 1999.


·         Kelly, Tim. “Pricing Internet services: Trends and Tactics”. International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Workshop on settlement reform and the costing and pricing of telecom services, Vientiane, 16-18 November 1999.


·         Lack, John. Pricing and Interconnection for Wireless Services: Network externalities. Verizon Communications.


·         Office of Technology Integration: University Center. Florida State University.

·         Seiler, Tom. Hi-Tech Real Estate Fiber Inventory Project Report. U-M Technology Management Office.


·         Wang, Xin and Henning Schulzrinne. Performance Study of Congestion Price  Besad Adaptive Service.  Columbia University.





·         Wei, Wei. Video Streaming over DiffServ and some other Issues.




Network externalities


























































·         Picker, Randal C. . Class 15  Network Industries: Non-Consensual Access. The Law School The University of Chicago, Spring 2002.


















Regulation and competition in telecommunications



























Rural development












































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