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  Theses 2011  
Supervisor: A.A. Economides
Web 2.0 applications in tourism pdf

Κontaratou A.
Examiner: A.A. Economides
Study and development of a plug-in for conference management in a content management system pdf

Tzafilkou  A.
Performance indices of educational organizations and their activities’ monitoring using Petri nets pdf
Tsanakopoulou  B.

  Theses 2010  
Supervisor: A.A. Economides
Comparison of routing protocols for Underwater Sensor Networks: A survey pdf

Giantsis  D.
Demand for broadband access in Greece pdf

Moutafidis  G.
Web 2.0 uses in hotel websites pdf

Saltiri A.
Examiner: A.A. Economides
Development of a system for evaluating public administration websites 

Athanasiadou C.
State activation of Petri networks by external factors via the Web pdf

Kotoulas M.

  Theses 2009  
Supervisor: A.A. Economides
A proposal for Stanby Route Reflectors in the BGP-4 protocol pdf

Alexiou I.
Adaptive assessment in the class of programming pdf

Chatzopoulou D.
Examiner: A.A. Economides
System development using BPEL for gathering information via the Web with pre-specified rules pdf

Filaktou H.
Synchronization of warehouse and e-shop using Web Services. The case of webERP & osCommerce pdf

Misirkas A.

  Theses 2008  
Supervisor: A.A. Economides
Evaluation of hotels’ websites pdf

Koutrotsios T.
The use of information systems by the public financial services in Greece: The case of «TAXIS» pdf

Terpsiadou M.
Examiner: A.A. Economides
Web 2.0 and AJAX. Their use in developing a project management system pdf

Tsaplaris P.

  Theses 2007  
Supervisor: A.A. Economides
A survey on the use of networks and computers by accounting offices pdf

Emmanouilidis E.
Comparative and experimental study of proof by knowledge user’s authentication pdf

Garafli G.
Quality evaluation of e-Banking Portals using Analytic Hierarchy Process pdf

Sfikas N.
Pricing data services in 3rd generation of mobile telephony pdf

Sismanidis E.
The effect of information systems on the profession of auditing in Greece pdf

Telechas G.
E-certification: A case study of computer based tests and test centers in Greece pdf

Terzis V.
Examiner: A.A. Economides
Simate- a web based simulation environment pdf

Kontogiannis A.
Security of e-transactions and Internet. The case of virtual enterprises pdf

Katsidou M.
Development of educational content for teaching the course of «Data Transmission and Computer Networks» pdf

Sivakis N.

  Theses 2006  
Supervisor: A.A. Economides
Software development and evaluation for adaptive testing pdf

Roupas C.
Examiner: A.A. Economides
Contemporary interpretative lexicon about economic subjects of telecommunication networks pdf

Dafoulis S.
Methodology and development framework of a adaptive e-learning system on semantic Web. Postgraduate Program on Information Systems pdf

Giouvanakis A.
Service-oriented architecture via PHP 

Papadimitriou F.

  Theses 2005  
Supervisor: A.A. Economides
Energy preservation and power control in ad-hoc networks pdf

Diamantopoulos F.
Evaluation framework of intelligent buildings and a meta-research pdf

Georgakarakou C.
Strategic alliances and their application by the Greek companies Cosmote και Vodafone pdf

Stoili I.
Electronic- virtual fairs pdf

Tsantekidis K.
Multicasting in wireless mobile networks pdf

Vasiliou A.
Protocol evaluation of wireless networks pdf

Ziogou C.
Examiner: A.A. Economides
Technologies of informatics and simulation in training military personnel info

Michail M.
Photoshop- Theory and application. Multimedia educational software pdf

Tsagaris S.

  Theses 2004  
Supervisor: A.A. Economides
Strategies for exploiting telecommunication network info

Iatropoulos A.
Distributed routing algorithms and quality of service in wireless mobile networks pdf

Karavetsios P.
Competition in telecommunications and the Greek reality. pdf

Karaoulis K.
Comparison of “IP over SONET/SDH over WDM” & “IP over WDM”. Simulation of  WDM networks pdf

Karagiannakis G.
Cost analysis in e-learning 

Mantzari D.
Examiner: A.A. Economides
Multimedia application software to support high school students in the course of  «Principles of Economic Theory» info

Gkinos G.
Introduction to self-assessment procedures: The case of high school Algebra info

Kellis M.
Technological requirements for the development of e-government environments pdf

Liapis S.
Interface for e-Tourism pdf

Marinidis I.
The application of e-learning in the workers training info

Zgouva A.

  Theses 2003  
Supervisor: A.A. Economides
Performance evaluation of routing protocols for ad-hoc networks using the NS2 simulator pdf

Niotakis K.
Examiner: A.A. Economides
GRPS performance evaluation pdf

Adam K.
Economic issues of telecommunication systems pdf

Fotiadis D.

  Theses 2002  
Supervisor: A.A. Economides
Technologies and routing protocols in wireless mobile ad-hoc networks pdf

Stogianaris D.
Software agents and e-commerce pdf

Vogiatzis S.
Examiner: A.A. Economides
Development and application of simulation models regarding an itacolumnite protection system using air means 

Tsagalidis E.

  Theses 2001  
Supervisor: A.A. Economides
Telephony deregulation in Greece. Pricing under network congestion info

Bekiari S.
Routing and wavelength allocation in WDM networks pdf

Koutsikos T.
Virtual environments and their use in education. A case of a virtual collaborative learning environment. pdf

Michailidou A.
Agents and tele-education: Pedagogical agents embedded in interactive computer-based learning environments pdf

Mosha A.
Examiner: A.A. Economides
Comparison of traditional and Web class pdf

Tsiami C.

  Theses 2000  
Supervisor: A.A. Economides
Intranet development using XML pdf

Liaretidis K.
Network design and resource management pdf

Samoulidis S.
Real-time tele-control of industrial via Internet: Industrial data networks pdf

Tsalianis A.

  Theses 1999  
Supervisor: A.A. Economides
Economic analysis of networks pdf Andreadis A.
Tele-education on World Wide Web info Mamoukaris K.
Examiner: A.A. Economides
Creation of an electronic course info Giouvanakis A.
Study and development of an electronic course info Samara C.
Development of electronic educational material for distance teaching the English language infoXatziantoniou P.

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